You Want Graphic Labels, not Garment Ones

Ok, let’s get something straight.  If you are looking for a company that makes clothing labels, garment or office supply labels, Data Graphics is not the company for you.
Data Graphics, located in Mount Dora, Florida has been providing high quality, long-lasting graphic overlays for 25 years.  Their customers, those needing warning labels, name plates or identification labels for medical equipment , technology, military and aerospace fields, know that they can count on Data Graphics.
Overlays have two main functions.  One is to convey information by providing legible operating instructions or safety warnings. A clear, crisp image can be produced on any of the materials which they will use to fashion your graphic overlay. They can be printed in a variety of colors and your information will be easy to read and will stand out against whatever the background may be. 
The second function is to provide protection for controls.  Graphic overlays are custom-designed to fit your product exactly.  Your product may need to withstand the extremes of heat or cold, corrosive chemical contact, abrasion from grit or dirt or must be protected from the elements. Data Graphics can and will provide the very best in professional and state-of-the-art technology, keeping your product safe.

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