Saturday Afternoon Shopping

One of my husband, Ken’s favorite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon is wandering through a hardware or home improvement store.  He enjoys looking at prices and deciding for instance which of the zero turn mowers is the best.  Which one has the best price, which one has the best and most reliable motor and chassis, also how and where it was built.  Since I have no clue what a zero turn mower is, he has to explain that the two front wheels turn and swivel around instead of being on an axle causing the driver turn the steering wheel. The zero turn one can drive in circles…around a tree or post.  Yeh, I know, it’s more complicated than that, but it’s the best I can do. 

Since Ken was an electrician and worked in construction for 50 years before he retired, air conditioners, especially big 4 ton air conditioners are another of his “must see” items.  He tells me how they work, what size is needed for a certain size home and everything else that he feels I should know.  I listen but am actually eyeing other products that are more interesting to me.  However, we’ve been married for 53 years, so I know how to say “uh huh” and “really” at the right time.

What does interest me this year are the new styles and colors in ceiling tile.  Our family room ceiling could use an upgrade. I didn’t realize how many styles there were to choose from.  Brushed aluminum tiles are beautiful but not for our family room.  Way too formal.  Glue on ceiling tiles are probably what we’ll end up with, or perhaps drop-in tiles. Both look like something we could handle. 

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