Sunday Morning at the Cabin

We have a little cabin on the Platte River that we built nearly 40 years ago.  It’s in a large area with about 10 other cabins. We used to spend a lot of weekends there when the kids were small, but seldom seem to find the time anymore.   Ken and I decided that the place needed painting, so on Friday afternoon we bought the paint, brushes and all other necessary items, loaded the SUV and drove the 30 miles from our house to the cabin. 
We painted all day Saturday and got the front and side done….and were so tired we could hardly walk a straight line.   Couldn’t wait to flop into bed.  The windows were open and a cool breeze was coming off the Platte River.
I’m a light sleeper, and about 6 AM heard what I thought were muffled voices coming from the river sandbar across from the cabin.  I couldn't make out any words but sounded like a lot of people.  The first thing I thought was “ I didn’t know they had 6AM Sunday church services out here”….got up and looked out the window.  A huge flock of Canadian geese were on the sandbar yakking up a storm…..guess that why they’re called a “gaggle of geese”.   Went back to bed laughing at myself.

I didn’t have a chance to get to sleep because I heard another strange sound (I told you I was a light sleeper).  Sounded like woooooosh,  wooooooosh, woooooosch…gas or air escaping from something.  First thought this time…”sounds like a hot air balloon”.
So, got up again and looked out the back window….there were three hot air balloons slowly gliding past the meadow behind us.  They were probably 1,500 to 2,000 feet above the cabin, but the sound of the short blasts of hot air from the flame device were a lot louder than I would have expected.  I watched until they disappeared over the trees at the end of the meadow and decided against going back to bed.  So I made  a pot of tea, grabbed a cinnamon roll, sat in a lounge chair on the back deck and watched a mother deer and fawn as they walked across the meadow.  The sun was peeping over the trees, the air was still and God was in His heaven.  All was well with my world.

And, my husband snored through the whole thing.  (I tried to get him to get up to  look at the balloons, but he just rolled over and buried his head in the pillow).  

The finished product......looks great doesn't it~~~~

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