Please Use Mud Flaps

Back in the “good old days” mud flaps would be found on nearly every automobile or truck on the road.  If you’ve ever driven behind a truck or RV without mud flaps on a gravel road or even on a city street, the chances are you’ll eventually be hit by a rock or other debris and Wham! You have a chipped or broken windshield.
I think to myself, “hey Bud, haven’t you ever heard of Rock Tamers? The Rock Tamers Mud Flap System is the best removable mud flap system on the market!!”  They are guaranteed for life, lightweight, are easy to assemble and are designed to hang straight and not flap in the wind.  Plus, you won’t be throwing rocks and junk at the vehicles behind you.
RV’s and motorhomes have the same problem …maybe they just don’t know what they’re tossing at the other vehicles on the road. Or, if they are towing a trailer or car, how much damage they could be doing to their own vehicle.  Mud flaps stop rocks and sand from damaging towed vehicles.  I wish somebody would also introduce them to the Rock Tamers Mud Flap System.  Rock Takers Mud Flaps are specially made for motorhomes since normal Splash Guards or Mud Flaps will not work well for them. 
I won’t make the assumption that having a rock crack your windshield while driving down the highway is a reason for “Road Rage” but it comes pretty close.


Jenna said...

Thank you for this blog. My husband actually gets a lot of his car accessories at I have since encouraged him, for safety purposes, to buy mudflaps. He seems to be happy with his purchase.

JeaneBee said...

Thanks for the comment Jenna...I am happy to know that if I am ever driving behind you, (wherever you live) I would not be clobbered by a rock. LOL