Repair or Buy New….what does one do?

We have a Speed Queen wash machine that we’ve had for many, many years.  I can’t tell you how many loads of diapers, baby clothes, work clothes, bedding, towels and every other piece of laundry it did in it’s lifetime.  But every now and then it needs a little repair, so far, nothing major like a water pump or motor. We’ve found that most Speed Queen parts are fairly easy to find.  Especially if you know how to look for things on the internet.  Most major part suppliers have web sites and you can find anything you need.  One in particular, SummitParts has all parts shown on line and you can view the parts manuals for your machine.  I haven’t seen our parts manual in years…luckily we can find our Speed Queen parts by both the part number and the photo of the part.
We also have a Speed Queen dryer.  It is in excellent condition and has had only one piece of equipment that needed replacing.  One of the least expensive Speed Queen parts was the lint screen.  Ours was not exactly worn out, but was gunked up probably due to, what I had been told, was the use of fabric softener in the wash. It clogged up the holes in the lint screen and, although I would clean it with a toothbrush, it still didn’t let the majority of the lint through.
I am paranoid about home fires and how many are caused by lint in the dryer catching on fire.  I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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