The Paintball Outing

Although paintball guns and various related items are not something that I am interested in, they do exist and people enjoyed their use.  (I am much too old to find myself being splattered with a paintball).  Our oldest daughter is a sales rep for a company here in Nebraska.  This fall, the parent company decided that to encourage the company owners, sales personal and salespeople to “come together as a unit” they would have a mock battle using Airsoft products….little round paintballs actually.   The outdoor area was huge, with rocks buildings, trees and bushes. 

She was issued an Airsoft pistol, paintballs, a uniform, face mask, instructions and was was assigned to a “unit”.  Since she didn’t have a clue what she was doing, she was scared to death.  But by the end of the day, she really enjoyed the experience.  She said that one of her bosses was quite impressed with her marksmanship and she, in turn realized that he was fun and not as formidable as she thought.  Especially when she splatted him with a red paintball.  She thought her days with the company were numbered.
GodfatherAirsoft, based in New Jersey has a large Airsoft product retail store providing an assortment of airsoft weapons, ammo and clothing.  They not only have Airsoft pistols, they have shotguns, rifles and camouflage shirts, pants and hats.  This is now becoming quite a sport with tournaments, contests and teams.  

As for me, I'll stick to tennis.

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