Identify Theft Protection

There are so many dishonest people in this world….they want to take your money, promise to fix your roof, remodel your home or give you a “good deal” on just about anything.  Plus, there are those who make their living by stealing your car, credit card or any item that is not “nailed down” (and lots of thing that ARE nailed down) 
One of the most common in the 2000’s is identity theft.  Modern technology makes it easy for criminals to hack into your computer plus the ones that you thought were “safe”, IRS files, your medical history, bank account and credit dealings.  You and I may not have a clue how to find things on our own computers, but a hacker certainly does.  I don’t think there is class on “how to hack into computers” but if there were, some of those guys out there would have Masters’ Degrees in it.
Even the simple act of sending your credit card number to purchase something online can open the door to credit card fraud.  In my own case, I fell for the “try it free” ad on our local TV station.  I only needed to pay for shipping… they wanted my credit card number and I cheerfully typed it in.  Two weeks later I was receiving all sorts of items in the mail….colon cleanser, diet pills, sexual enhancement pills.  All of them were billed to my credit card along with EXTREMELY expensive “foreign transaction fees”.  I was able to cancel my credit card account before someone started charging things on the credit card.  And, I, a senior citizen without any identity theft protection could have become a victim of credit card fraud.  

After reading Lifelock reviews, I am considering using this company to warn me of any theft identity problems that I may experience.

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