It’s Time to Accessorize My Kitchen

I am planning to host a party (yep me, the non-talented party planner) for several out-of-state friends that I went to school with.  We haven’t seen each other since grade school graduation in 1952…a really long time ago.  It’s not going to be a huge affair, just old friends getting together at our cabin on the Platte River.  It sounds silly, but I am mostly concerned with buying new cups/mugs and matching plates for the “affair”.  At the cabin, we generally use paper plates and plastic utensils…nobody wants to be stuck in the kitchen doing dishes when there’s a fun group of people who’d rather be out playing in the river, talking about old times or taking a hike in the woods behind us.
My plan is to buy dishes, cups, glasses and other kitchen accessories for this party, but good enough to bring home after it’s over for use in my home kitchen.  When we were young homemakers, newly married with lots of newly married friends, we’d get together for Saturday night parties, movie parties, birthday parties and every other occasion we could think of.  Then I had new everything—that was 50 years ago and now the only parties I have are for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.  Once in a while for the 4th of July we have a party at the cabin…but kitchen accessories other than disposables are not necessary.
I’m really getting excited about cruising the internet looking for stores that have just exactly what I want!

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