Who Wants a Flatter Stomach? Y-O-U ???

Everyone would like a flat stomach with, in the case of guys, a torso with a six pack.  But, a firm abdomen with no belly fat is not just for men…ask any woman from age 20 to 40 and over, they want to look slim,  healthy and let’s face it, sexy.  The gym is full of them, lifting weights, putting miles on the tread mill, sweating it out in Yoga or wind classes.
Unfortunately, these health conscious folks are in the minority….try “people watching” at your local mall….Americans are getting overweight, many to the point of being obese.  Some blame eating fast-food which is full of fats, some blame heredity (their folks were heavy, it’s “in their genes”) and the said fact is, many can’t lose the weight or the belly fat no matter how hard they try.
My son-in-law, age 37, has recently taken up body-building….he isn’t overweight but was getting a “pouch”.  I guess I shouldn’t actually say body-building, he is walking several miles every day, working out with weights and other fitness equipment, is watching carbs and cutting as much fat out of his diet as he can.  One of the pieces of equipment that he purchased is an abs belt which he has incorporated into his fitness routine.  He’s not trying to lose weight and the Ab Belt is not a weight loss device.
What the Ab Belt is…well, it’s designed to stimulate your core muscles …its a battery-operated belt that goes around your waist and sends a mild electrical current throughout your abdominal muscles.  He wears it when he’s mowing the grass or working in the yard….since he is an avid fisherman, he puts the Ab Belt around his waist and goes off for a few hours to his favorite fishing hole.  He’s actually accomplishing two things….relaxing his mind while fishing, and having his core muscles stimulated with the Abs Belt.  I wish I had a "before" and "after" photo of him because he definitely is "lookin' good!"