Beautiful Green Ireland

Ireland, the Emerald Isle. Even the sound of it is romantic and makes me think of those Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne movies.

I'm sure that the movies made extra money just by having red-haired Maureen and her wonderful Irish brogue in them. She was born Maureen Fitzsimons in
RanelaghRanelagh, County Dublin, Ireland - a true Irish lassie.

Ireland is the 3rd largest island in Europe it's surrounded by hundred of islands and islets. The two most populated cities in Ireland are Dublin in the Republic of Ireland and Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Ireland may be a small country, but with over 200,000 Scots Irish settlers leaving the North of Ireland during the 18th Century, and mass emigration following the Great Famine of 1845, the Irish have put down roots all over the
world. Over 60 million people worldwide now claim Irish ancestry.

Hosting visitors in their homes is common in Ireland......the Irish are wonderful, friendly people and this is one way to make extra money. If you are lucky enough to spend time at an Irish Bed and Breakfast, you get to know the people. What could be better than spending a week in a cottage surrounded by a beautiful, fragrant flower garden and having a cup of tea before going out to
explore the countryside.

Rosewood Bed and Breakfast
located in South Kilkenny just 3 miles from the center of Waterford City.

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