Smoker or Non-Smoker...its Your Health

I hate to say this to all you cigarette/pipe/cigar smokers out there, but being in a room with you or stuck in an elevator with you is not pleasant to non-smokers.  Your hair, skin, clothing and breath carry the nicotine odor with you wherever you go.  My niece Lenyie is a good example.  She is a chain-smoker and has been one for years.  She has a cigarette with her breakfast Pepsi, one with whatever she has for lunch, and several at various times during the work day.  She will stand outside her place of business during snowstorms, rain or bone-chilling cold and smoke.  She rationalizes her habit, saying she ENJOYS smoking….no matter if her throat is raspy or if her complexion has a yellow nicotine look.
I wish she would at least try blu electronic cigarettes.  They contain no tobacco, no second hand smoke and are made in Wisconsin using only 5 ingredients.  They emit water vapor smoke so she probably could smoke almost anywhere…and her clothing would not take on a tobacco odor.  Another thing for her to consider is that electronic cigarettes are cheaper to use…I don’t know how much she spends on cigarettes, but each of the flavor cartridge equals 1 packs of cigarettes.  That’s got to be a savings for her.
But Lenyie is an adult and I can’t make choices for her.  All I can do is tell her about electronic cigarettes, that the cigarettes and accessories are found nationwide, and that I worry as much about her health as I do my own children’s.

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