Shades of green

When you think of GREEN what comes to mind?

A yard full of lush green grass, a handful of green dollar bills, how about a green frog named Kermit or maybe green Brussel sprouts. Green can be as big as a mountain or as small as a tiny green beetle sitting on a branch.

Green can be anything you want it to be. A Green Bay Packer, a Leprechaun straight from
the Emerald Isle or a creepy crawling caterpillar all belong here... and how about beautiful green eyes...can't leave those out!

This blog isn't just about GREEN - but Green is the beginning!


Frederick said...

cute blog.

noelia ~ said...

i thought of grass, and then i saw the mountains and was like, that too :D

Paz said...

thanks for adding me to to your favourite links, nice blog