Fires in Australia

God's eye view of Australia

Once again fire is ravishing parts of our beautiful planet. This time Australia was the target...California and northwest United States have been battling forest fires for months. WHY! what is causing this?

The number of deaths from wildfires that have already claimed 135 lives in the Australian state of Victoria. Police believe some of the fires were started deliberately - actions which Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said amounted to "mass murder".

Why would anyone purposely do something that could and has killed and destroyed. Some people died in their cars trying to escape the fires. Some rural towns have been completely destroyed.

Police have sealed off a number of sites as possible crime scenes. A new report suggested that half of the country's bush fires each year were started deliberately. Police believe at least two of them were started by what they described as a serial arsonist.

The report said there was a strong link between arson and other forms of criminal behaviour. It also found that arsonists are often attracted to careers in the fire service, or volunteer to help fight fires.

This blog is written by a firefighter.

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Small Footprints said...

Wow ... that aerial picture is really something. One hears about the devastation but that picture really shows the magnitude. I visited the fireman's blog and it sounds like the fires have abated ... I hope it is done.

I truly believe that what goes around, comes around. Those responsible for this tragedy will be paid in kind.

Small Footprints