SAFE Green fishing gear -- help our planet

S.A.F.E Green fishing gear, its not green in color, but using it will keep the planet green.

Why do you care about using fishing gear that is environmentally safe? You only fish a few times a year and many times you return your fish to the matter that it's mouth is so badly damaged from your hook that it will probably die anyway. And those wiggly, squishy plastic worms...they won't do any harm

Do you want your children and grandchildren to enjoy hunting and fishing in years to come? Think about these facts.

When lead sinkers are lost through broken fishing lines or other means, they kill birds and's as simple as that. Loons, swans, ducks and geese eat them expecting them to be FOOD, and are poisoned. Eagles and other birds ingest lead by eating fish that have swallowed lead pellets. Maybe you or your family will eat one of those do you think your body will react?

Plastic worms don't break down and often cause blockages in the intestines leading to a fish's death. Estimates suggest that soft plastic fishing lures and worms are responsible for as much as 20 million pounds of plastic left in fishing waters every year. (do you remember that torn plastic worm you tossed into the lake?'s still there)

Try these alternatives......

  • Tru-Turn J-Hooks .
These "cam-action" hooks do a great job of hooking fish on the outside of the mouth. The long shank makes it easier to remove the hook. Just use a pair of needle-nose pliers to pinch down the barbs on the hooks. You’ll catch fish and it will make it easier to take them off the hook.

  • Daiichi Circle Hooks (2 sizes)

Circle hooks are a great choice for fishing with live or dead bait for larger fish like bass, catfish, walleye, pike or saltwater species. You don’t set the hook - the unique shape of these hooks automatically catches in the corner of the fish’s mouth almost every time to make for easier release, and eliminating deep "gut hooking" of the fish.
  • Water Gremlin and Bullet Weights Tin Split Shot (4 sizes)

Water Gremlin and Bullet Weights are tin split shot that is pinched onto your line. The "wings" on each weight allow them to be removed and reused. Tin is an inexpensive alternative to lead, which is toxic....tin is not.
  • Dr. Drop weights (3 sizes)
Dr. Drop weights are also lead alternatives which use heavier non-toxic metals. You ‘weave’ these onto your line, which eliminates pinching or crimping the line. Their shape helps them slide past snags underwater.

  • Bullet Weights worm weights (2 sizes)
Bullet Weights worm weights slide on your line, and are put on before adding the hook. Fish won’t feel the weight when they pick up the bait, and the bullet shape slides through snags. You can put it above a split shot to add more weight and keep it away from the bait, or let it slide right down to your hook.
  • Northland Nature Jigs (3 sizes)
Northland Fishing Tackle makes many alternative jig heads.
A jig head helps prevent fish from swallowing the hook - something many fish are notorious for doing. There are countless molded baits designed to be placed onto a jig head.
  • FoodSource Lures earthworms or mealworms
FoodSource Lures makes biodegradable molded baits to use instead of traditional soft plastic lures. FoodSource lures are molded protein, so not only do they catch more fish than plastic lures, they are biodegradable and digestible. Plus, they are easier to keep than live bait.
  • Wooden float bobbers
Wooden bobbers are a biodegradable alternative to plastic bobbers. These floats will last a lifetime, but eventually break down which is better for the environment. Plus, because they float upright, it’s much easier to detect the bite of fish who take the bait from the bottom. The wood float will lay on its side, letting you know that a fish has hit from below.
  • Bioline Biodegradable Fishing Line
Bioline Biofilament is a 100% biodegradable fishing line; the environmentally friendly alternative to monofilament and fluorocarbon fishing line. It is made out of biodegradable polymers which are not only eco-friendly, but also allow Bioline fishing line to retain 100% of it's strength for a period of 10-12 months on your spool. It can be purchased in line strength from 4 lb to 20 lb., has low visibility since it is clear, has high UV and abrasion resistance, excellent knot strength and superior casting distance.

Bioline biodegradable fishing line breaks down naturally in the environment in approximately 5 years (compared to up to 500 years with monofilament line) and is comparable in performance to conventional fishing lines.
YES! you can make a difference!

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