Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Ahhhh shoes….what would a woman do without them? Personally, since I play both golf and tennis and am active outdoors, I prefer performance shoes with good support. A mesh upper with synthetic leather overlays for stability and a sole that will take me over any kind of terrain or surface that an inner city or suburban jogger finds. One of my favorite shoes is made by ECCO called the Ecco Performance XT 1011.....I have two pair, one for the gym and one for outdoor use.

I have a tendency to look for shoes that are ‘different’….ever see purple, yellow or lime green golf sneakers? Trust me, they create quite a stir when I walk out to the tee wearing my yellow premiers. But, they are excellent….good support and a comfortable inner sole that babies my feet with every step (just kidding here folks)

My husband isn’t sports minded at all…he prefers building and running his model trains, but does like to wear comfortable shoes. Sooooo, he veggies out with a nice pair of ECCO Fusion II Slip Ons. They’re great for relaxing on the couch, walking out to the kitchen for snacks or standing at his train table watching the little guys go round and round.

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