Cabela's....paradise for sportsmen

I love to fish! When I was growing up, my folks and I would make our annual pilgrimage from Nebraska to Minnesota for two weeks of fishing bliss. We stayed at resorts on Leech Lake, Woman Lake and finally Ten Mile Lake. Dad loved to fish for northern pike and I was "hooked" on casting for bass....Mom preferred to sit in the middle of the boat, secure in her life preserver jacket and troll for anything with fins.

We lived in Nebraska, not exactly a fisherman's paradise. At that time (1950) the only tackle stores in the vicinity were Sears Roebuck or Montgomery Ward. But, no more!

Cabela's has built a mega store on the outskirts of Omaha....a place of awe and wonder! Need a boat, Cabela's has it, how about a tent camper, its there. Fishing gear, guns, camping supplies you name'll find it.
Any lure you can imagine has a home at Cabela's....even some that are so big you wonder what fish would even DARE to attack it. They even carry products that are considered "green"...line, weights, hooks and lures that dissolve after a period of time.
Dad and mom have been gone for many years, but whenever I enter the Cabela's store, I wonder what my Dad would think of I don't have to wonder, I know....he'd be speechless.

Check out Cabela's for yourself...if you need it for outdoor fun, its probably on a shelf waiting for you!


Gregory said...

Agree.!! Cabela's is really a paradise for sportsmen and outdoorsman. I just got a pair of hiking boots from there.

JeaneBee said...

We LOVE to wander around Cabelas...have you visited the candy store...FREE samples!!!

We almost go home with something...

Thanks for commenting