Green with Envy

I am not a perfect person....... I know that and I regret it (but not always)

When provoked, I do have a temper, I do not clean my house on a regular basis, I do not love holidays (I tolerate them but not love them), and I am often filled with ENVY!

I am envious of people who have tons of money but didn't work to get it. Do they deserve it just because they were lucky enough to be born to rich parents? Are their genes better than mine? Why should they drive expensive cars, buy shoes that cost more than I make in a month, and spend their time at luxury resorts!  Those who feel that they deserve to live and be treated like they are better than the middle-class workers around them. 

I am envious of singers who have no talent but stand on a stage and yell out words to the beat of loud guitars and drums. Its a good day for them if they are sometimes actually on key and the words they yell are not too obnoxious for small children to hear. I envy the money that they receive and even envy the smirks on their faces, knowing they actually have no talent and those who buy their photos, disks and tickets to concerts haven't a clue.

I am envious of those semi-talented people who can write a blog about doing home repairs, dredging up old recipes or rant about how to make a million dollars by blogging.....and make a million dollars by blogging.

Why not me! Is my blog not good enough? Do I not have enough enticing ads or provocative posts.

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