Holiday and Christmas Green Ideas

Get yourself into the "green spirit"...from Kim Carlson of EarthSmart and JeaneBee

1. Extra or leftover fabric? make cloth-covered gift boxes or bags instead of wrapping paper.

2. Cover gift boxes with leftover contact paper or wallpaper.
3. Use saved bows from other gifts. Make a habit of keeping bows from last year and recycle.
4. Have Christmas and holiday cards from last year? Make gift tags for this year's presents.
5. Find a pine tree and collect pine cones....use them on holiday gifts and packages.

6. Use coffee cans for shipping or as a gift boxes. A coffee can full of warm stockings, gloves or a piece of jewelry would be a real surprise.
7. Buy small items like hair bows, funny shoelaces, or small toys are a great addition to a holiday package. Plus, they are reusable.

8. Stencils or pictures from holiday cards can dress up a plain ole brown paper bag or box. Use grocery bags...many have been recycled at least once.
9. Reuse old neckties as gift box ties.
10. Dress up gift boxes with old silk or plastic flowers.

11. After the holidays use leftover gift wrap (don't rip it off the gifts!) and line shelves or drawers.

12. This is a biggie....don't be afraid to re-gift items that you received years ago, bought for yourself on a whim or don't know what to do with. Be sure its clean and in excellent condition and give it to a person who you feel would like it (and who didn't give it to you)

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Great information for Christmas ... or anytime. I hope your holidays were wonderful and here's wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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