Going to Olive Garden

I absolutely love going to Olive Garden. It is one of my favorite places to go out to eat. I patiently wait for my husband to get home from work, get my son dressed, and set my Ohio adt alarm as soon as I hear him.

I always try to order something different when I go to Olive Garden as their menu has so much to offer. I would have to say my absolute favorite dish is the Tour of Italy. This comes with a little bit of everything, from lasagna to chicken Parmesan. I also love to order the calamari as appetizer. The white sauce it comes with is absolutely delicious. Out of all the things on the menu I would have to say that the best thing at Olive Garden has to be the salad and bread sticks you get before your meal. I usually try to contain myself and not eat much of it because I always end up getting full and taking my food home with me.

Besides the food Olive Garden also offers the best service. The staff is always friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing. This is surely one restaurant that I will continue to go to for a long time.

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