Wanna Sell a House???

Ken and I have reached that "certain age" where our old 2 story home is way too big for the two of us. But, how to sell it ?? We had listed it with several local companies and although we've lowered the price quite a bit, we still haven't had any buyers.

Yes, I know, the housing market is not the best. But I'm really tired of seeing that FOR SALE BY OWNER in the front yard, and am especially tired of trying to keep the house neat and picked up. Our 2 year old grandson visits frequently
, and the front room is his favorite toy storage area.

You never know when a potential buyer will be knocking on your door, so can't have toys, newspapers and miscellaneous "stuff" laying around.

We've decided that we wouldn't buy another house but we'll need cash to buy an apartment in a local retirement community. So we need a quick sale with no hassle, cash money handed to us, and deal with a Company that is warranted, honest and nationw

Then you'll find us relaxing by the pool (cleaned by someone else), enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner (cooked by someone else) and wearing clean, freshly pressed
clothing (washed and ironed by someone else).

Ah.....Heaven on earth!

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