Drug and Substance Abuse is Growing

Sad to say, America is sick. Her people, young and old are losing control of their lives due to drug addition and substance abuse. Drugs such as marijuana and crystal meth are, to many, "everybody does it" addictions. The Addiction facts are staggering....abusers are getting younger and younger and even housewives, working women and senior citizens are getting caught up in the drug spiral.

Heroin was once the "drug of choice" of the drug addiction world, but now we have prescription drugs such as Vicodin and OxyContin....who knew that even a cough medicine could be come addictive.

There are many
drug rehab centers located in the United States Of course, some are better than others. The city of Portland, Oregon has a wonderful facility, Portland Drug Rehab, which specializes in five types of treatment.

(1) The inpatient drug treatment cares for the individual by living at the facility on a full-time basis. Members there are trained detox professionals, counselors and caring staff members.
(2) Outpatient drug treatment helps those who must return home every evening following detox or counseling. These individuals also benefit from family support.
(3) Holistic drug treatment is preferred by many who wish to participate in traditional Eastern practices such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture.
(4) Teen drug treatment and
(5) Drug rehab for women programs are specifically designed for those who need a s
afe place to heal away from problems at home and other unique concerns.

Unfortunately, the
Treatment Statistics show that it's difficult to become "clean" and even the most-determined people find it difficult to stop the abuse without help....not just in stopping the abuse but changing their lifestyles. Help from Portland's drug rehab centers is the first step.

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