Lets Try Bonanzle, Ebid and BooCoo...Good-bye Ebay

After several years of selling items online, I have decided to close my Ebay store. Ebay has changed their policies, resulting in higher listing and final value fees for sellers. I am a small seller, I do not have stacks and shelves of merchandise and although it was once fun and a little profitable to sell items, it no longer is. Remember when Ebay first started...."sell those unwanted items in your basement, attic or clothes closet" Its not that way anymore....the big merchandise sellers have taken over, and many of the "sell your unwanted items" sellers have been left behind.

Three new auction sites are on the market. I have stores on each of them.

Come over and have a look!

MJs Closet


Le Boicour Boutique

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If not, you'll never know what you're missing


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