Flower Plants and Planters

I am watching the temperature drop and listening to sleet beating against my window. It’s Christmas Eve for heavens sake….give us a break…how’s Santa supposed to fly in this kind of weather.

Since I am obviously stuck at home for a while, I will mentally plan my flower garden for next year. Should we invest in an outddor planter or maybe two outdoor planters, one for each side of the fish pond. Should they be round, square, rectangular or oval…..what kind of material, (I have lots of choices here) plastic, vinyl, ceramic, wooden, copper or possibly aluminum. Once that major decision is made, we can go on to indoor planters.

For an indoor planter I think something in copper would do nicely. I have a beautiful copper pole planter in the front entry which never fails to get compliments…. who doesn’t like to be complimented on their good taste

Ah well, my daydreaming is about to come to an end….its time to come back to the real world. Like it or not, I MUST put on winter garments, boots, gloves and hat, and make the slippery, icy journey to a Christmas Eve party. I would much rather sit here and fantasize about flowers, outdoor planters, indoor planters and the warm summer sunshine.

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