Designer Medical Scrubs

Being in the medical field is a demanding occupation and worrying about what to wear each day shouldn’t be a major problem. I’ve found the answer to “what to wear” to be a set of designer nursing scrubs. Yes, I said designer nursing scrubs. Hospital clothing has come a long way from the white uniform that nurses used to wear. Even the nursing caps have changed.

Designer Scrubs are made by Blue Sky Scrubs and are the “in” thing in nursing scrubs, the #1 choice in scrubs clothing. They come in several colors, including scrub tops designed for pediatric wards with animals, toys and bubbles. Pediatric scrub clothing was created and designed to make children more at ease in a hospital setting. They are less scary for children than the stark white uniforms used to be. Anything that will take some of the fear out of hospitals is #1 on my list of good things.

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