Knitting Creates Beautiful Memories

Did you ever try to teach your child to knit? For that matter, have you ever tried to teach anybody to knit? That is always a fun thing to do. The thing about trying to teach someone else to me it is that you will be knitting backwards in your mind every time you attempt to instruct. Thinking backwards is key to making this effort a success.

I remember years ago when my daughter wanted to sit down beside me and learn to knit. She was in grade school and had always loved to sit under the afghans as they grew in size, while I knitted. We would sit on the couch with her snuggled up close to me while we watch DIRECTV Offers while row upon row of afghan was created. She giggled with excitement as she began to cover herself with the newly made lap robe.

I will never forget these memories, they are indelibly imprinted in my brain. Now that we are older, we often find ourselves seated in front of a newer screen and with yarn, but with the same old needles, we started with. These needles add to our pleasure as we sit and giggle and reminisce about those wonderful memories of learning to knit.

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