A New Car in 2011????

As 2010 begins its final weeks, potential car buyers start haunting the newspapers for “good deals” on the 2011 models….We’ve narrowed our search down to a Chevrolet Tahoe, a Lexus Gx-460 and a Nisson Maxima.

The 2011 Tahoe looks like a great vehicle, but it’s a little big for me. I’m 5’3” and I feel like the Captain of the Queen Mary when behind the wheel of an SUV. The gear shift is on the steering wheel, which, if you’re used to having it on the console, is awkward. You keep reaching for the gear shift on the console and it isn’t there. The steering wheel also has a bunch of buttons, which, I think would be difficult to decide on when flying down the highway at 60+ mph.

The Lexus Gx-460 is made for a person who LOVES dials, buttons and a dashboard that, for me, would take years to understand. (I still don’t know what a tachometer is nor its use) But, boy does it ever have comfortable bucket seats, padded steering wheel and super sound system. I do like the turn signal on the side mirrors.

Our 3rd possibility is a 2011 Nissan Maxima 4-door Sedan V6. It is a sweetheart, but more car than a couple of old folks like ourselves would need. It also has front bucket seats and a bench seat in the back….and they are comfortable enough to lull you to sleep. The dashboard isn’t as overwhelming as the Lexus and a little more classy than the Tahoe.

Maybe having a dashboard full of dials, buttons and doo-dads is a man thing….certainly doesn’t do much for me. We still haven't decided what to do... I'm choosy about the interior and hubby looks into the motor, mph, hybrid, etc.

If you want to know more about these cars, click on car encyclopedia

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