Christmas is around the corner!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas….with 5” of snow covering a sheet of ice, the Red Salvation Army kettles on every corner, its not just looking a lot like Christmas---it IS Christmas. We will have company visiting from Texas….what a surprise they are in for. That is, if the airport here is not shut down due to bad weather.

I enjoy company, but need to do some major house cleaning. Ken's leather chair in the den is really scrungy looking, not faded, more like cloudy. It needs major leather furniture cleaning Austin.

When we visited them last year Angie also had a lot of cleaning to do…..she has four (count them FOUR) cats. I’m not a cat person. Angie knew how I felt about cat odor so called in the experts in the Austin area…The SteamTeam.

They did a great job with the cat odor removal Austin and carpet and tile cleaning Austin took care of the spots in the hallway and dining room…they just disappeared. Even my “delicate” nose was fooled into thinking that there were NO cats in that household. Plus, whatever they use for carpet cleaning chemicals Austin smelled really, really good.

Since we don’t live in the area of Austin, TX, I doubt that they would care to come up and clean my carpets….my dogs are old and have “accidents” now and then.

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