A Nice Warm Fireplace

Since its winter in Nebraska, its time to crank up the ole gas logs in the fireplace. Yep, I said Gas Logs, not real ones. We found that using real logs caused my husband to wheeze and have breathing problems. Plus, I nearly caused a fire in the den when I decided to burn some cardboard boxes leftover from Christmas gifts. Don’t do it….cardboard really goes up in flames, spits sparks and makes a whoosh as it roars up the fireplace. So, in our case, the solution…R. H. Peterson Real Fyre Gas Logs!

We have a working fireplace so we have a Vented Gas Log. Ventless Gas Logs can be used in fireplaces that are free standing and are rated for aftermarket ventless logs. If you live in an apartment with a faux fireplace this is the style you’d use…plus if you move, you can take it with you.

Peterson gas logs are excellent and Hansen Wholesale is the place to buy them! They are gas log experts and can help you decide what size and style would be the one for you. Any questions? Go to Gas Log FAQs

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