Day Care for Andrew

Our 3 year old grandson Andrew has started going to full time Day Care….not by his choice or ours unfortunately. The Day Care facility is nearby and very nice. The teachers are certified and Red Cross trained so we are comfortable sending him there. Andrew is learning to put his things in the little kids lockers every day…they are child sized and have various colored bins. He calls them the “cubbies”….short for cubby holes I suppose.

The cubbies are like kids school lockers but without doors. There are hangers underneath for coats and jackets. Every day the teachers put Andrew’s schedule into his cubbie, along with any artwork he may have done…..A, B, C’s and animals he’s colored or drawn. He is yet to stay within the lines but he’s improving.

When he gets a little older he’ll be “up-graded” to larger school lockers for kids. They are bigger and have room to hang a coat plus a plastic bin for boots, etc. But, by the time he is in kindergarten, we’re hoping that he will have a stay-at-home mom. She would dearly love to stay home with him now, but with student loan payments, home mortgage and just plain existing, both his parents must work.

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