Put This on Your To-do List

I was lo
oking at my wedding rings the other day and noticed that one of the prongs holding the diamond was bent. Years ago when I was still single and gainfully employed, I was filing a stack of papers and the diamond fell out of my engagement ring. Luckily the diamond fell into the filing drawer and I was able to find it. It’s so easy to snag a prong on something….especially if you’re wearing gloves and a prong gets caught on the inside. You can pull your finger out of joint trying to get the glove off.

I guess the gist of this little article is a reminder that you should periodically take your engagement ring or any of your expensive rings to a jewelry store and have the prongs on the rings thoroughly examined. It only takes a few minutes, and there probably isn’t a charge unless the wedding or engagement rings need repair.
My jeweler always cleans my rings at no charge. And while that is being done, I wander over and look at the new styles and check out the “in” things in engagement rings. At some jewelry stores, you can even design your own wedding rings…..I’d need a lot of help from the jeweler though. My talents do not include making designer jewelry.