Green, Green Grass of Home

I live in the suburbs....but this oddity isn't unique to my area. When we lived in the middle of town, I noticed the same thing!

Tell me, why do men work soooo hard to have lush, green, grassy lawns, then complain about having to mow it? Or go to the local grass experts and buy fertilizer, grass seed, things to make the grass grow, and then wonder why it grows 6" every week (sometimes 7" if we get enough rain).

Guess that is the way of the "burbs" lawn envy. We had one neighbor (who shall be called TN for lack of a nicer word) who felt that his job in life to have the best manicured lawn on the street. If someone on our block mowed their lawn, TN made sure that he was out there mowing as quickly as he could get his mower out of the garage. Everybody just loved this guy....and decided to have a block party in his honor should he ever move away. (he did and we did!)

On the other hand, my friend lives in Arizona...the only green she has in her yard are the big stones that she's painted green with smiley faces and the occasional cactus that pops up through the desert sand that she calls a lawn.

Hmmm, now I understand why she has lots of spending money...her savings on lawn products and lawn care really add up!