Watch for High Blood Pressure Symptoms

As a child, I was aware of high blood pressure and high blood pressure symptoms. My Mom had high blood pressure and I remember her taking pills daily and a doctor coming to our house on a regular basis. This was in the 1940’s and doctors often made house calls. In the 1940’s we freely ate lots of fatty beef, pork and salted everything thoroughly. Now we know that high blood pressure symptoms can be caused by obesity, inactivity, stress, and foods high in fat and salt.

Of course I didn’t realize what the high blood pressure symptoms were, but did know that Mom had severe headaches and often had chills. High blood pressure is called the silent killer....the symptoms are sometimes not severe and are often attributed to other health problems or ignored. There is no excuse for ignoring high blood pressure symptoms. Every visit to a doctor’s office starts with a blood pressure check…if the doctor deems your blood pressure to be high, there are pills to help regulate it.

If you haven’t a clue about high blood pressure symptoms, there are sites on the internet that will tell you what to look for and how blood pressure can be lowered either with pills or by a change of lifestyle, i.e. more exercise, eating fewer fatty or salty foods or trying to lower stress in your life.

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