Blue Skies are Smiling at Me

Usually when visiting a hospital or medical office, the personnel are wearing some sort of scrub clothes ….even the guys, be they doctors, lab techs or the happy fellows from the “vampire” room in the basement.  In they come, chipper as a lark and inform you that they “need a little blood”.  
The ones that are really scary are the doctors in their white men’s lab coats, clipboard i.e. medical chart in hand. They generally aren’t too happy-go-lucky and you realize that your life is in their hands….no fooling around.  Usually there is a pert little nurse in uniform trailing him, ready to jump at his slightest suggestion.  “What!  No blood drawn today! Nurse!  Get somebody up here right away!”
Of course you realize that I am just making fun at the medical personnel’s expense.  Actually, I have a lot of respect for nurses…I know that I do not have enough of the “love of my fellow man (or women)” to be a nurse.  My two good friends, Joleen and Elena are nurses and they are what you hope you’ll have if you are ever hospitalized.  They truly care about people and to them it isn’t just a job (or way to meet/marry a doctor)  It’s their place in this crazy world.  They will hold your hand and talk to you, they will ask not only about how you’re feeling, they want to know you…your family, your hobbies or anything that will make you comfortable.  

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