Dental Scrubs .. New Idea!

While we’re on the subject of medical scrubs, just wanted to bring up dental scrubs and dental uniforms.  Yes, your favorite dentist’s office is also starting to ditch the plain white uniforms and invest in some beautiful colors and patterns.  Imagine your dentist in a set of BURNT ORANGE SCRUBS.  How wild is that!  Particularly if your dentist is a HE….you could expect a female dentist to be wearing Burnt Orange, but not Dr. Openwide!  Dental offices are getting modernized, i.e. TV sets so that the patient can watch TV while the dentist does his thing.  Well, that may not be so easy…maybe one could watch TV while waiting for the gum-nummer to take effect.
A new style of medical office wear for men is a cherokee medical uniform…matching scrub top and pants.  Or, mix and match with patterns.  The cherokee scrub top is a slimming shirt that is cut long enough to wear out or tucked in.Very cool and sexy.  Dentist are getting younger and younger…not the old geezers they used to be.  They would definitely look great in cherokee scrubs.
Personally I think the dentist’s office would be very memorable if the dentists, nurses, and receptionists wear matching scrubs, different sets each day.  On Monday, they wear blue, Tuesday it’s pink sorbet, Wednesday the color of the day would be burnt orange, etc.  
Next time you see Dr. Openwide, why not suggest it to him….he may even give you a discount.

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