My Parents' Stuff

Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer

Both of my parents have passed away within the past two years and it has been a trying time for my siblings and me. No one could have prepared us for all the paperwork and details that had to be tended to in order to settle their estates. The last item remaining was the home they had lived in for more than 50 years. It has been in my father’s family for more than 100 years and we really didn’t want to dispose of it. After much discussion, we decided to keep it as a vacation-type getaway for any of the siblings or their families who needed some peace and quiet. 
Since I live closest to the property (about 20 miles away), I have wound up using it a lot when I need some solitude to work on my projects. One problem I encountered was lack of internet service but I was able to get it from This allowed me to work without interruptions from all the daily activity at my home with 3 very active teenagers constantly coming in and out. It has also made me feel closer to Mom and Dad to be in a place with so many happy memories.

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