So You're a Plus Size....So What!

 Finally someone has realized that not all women are not size 8, size 10 or even a size 12.  I certainly would like to be a size 10, but I’d settle for a size 12….unfortunately, that’s wishful thinking.  There are a lot of us out there…maybe due to our own way of life or maybe its due to our genes.  Who knows.  You can diet and exercise forever, but you are still wearing large, extra large or somewhere in the X plus size.
Beautiful, up-to-date and stylish plus size clothing for women has come of age….no more dowdy outfits that make you look 10 years heavier (and older) than you’d like.  Sure, you can go to a well-known store that has a department for the “larger women” but their selection is usually limited to tee shirts, blousey tops and Bermuda shorts. Or those long dresses that are labeled “one size fits all”….and, you’ll even pay more money for these plus size clothes.  I asked a salesperson why the larger sizes cost more….her answer…”they take so much more material to make”.   Not exactly what I want to hear.  (she was a size 00 … skinny little twirp)  
Plus size clothing can and should be casual, everyday or dressy.  And, believe it or not, well-made, size 12W to 5XL petite plus and tall plus outfits can make you look and feel like a million dollars.  Did you ever look for a swim suit in size 2X?  Capris that really fit and were made for the larger size figure or even a women’s plus size babydoll or plus size nighty?  Then, my friend, take a few minutes to visit the WomanWithin….you’ll find EVERYTHING in sizes 12W to 44W.  Prices are unbelievably reasonable and they have everything from underwear to outer wear.

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