Bringing Light to our Home

We've had to replace several light bulbs in our home and in our garden.  The ones in the house were the older incandescent style and have been replaced before.  But, this time we're "going green" by changing to LED and Halogen light bulbs.   
The advantages of LED bulbs are widely known they consume little energy, produce little heat or UV light. And, they are available in many shapes and sizes.
Halogen light bulbs are frequently used in stage and studio lighting so would be perfect for lighting and highlighting our fishpond and flower garden.  The garden and surrounding lighting items were bashed to pieces when the latest rain/hail/wind storm blew down a cottonwood tree in the yard. So in addition to replacing the flowers in the garden, we need to replace the lighting fixtures. We don’t entertain a lot but when we do, the flowers and pond are the center of attraction…the halogen bulbs, which are flame shaped,  will bring out the color in the flowers, light the stone path leading from the house to the pond and have a longer life span than the incandescent bulbs. Although the  flame shaped halogen bulbs will cost us a little more they will last a whole lot longer.
Incandescent bulbs are the type of bulbs more commonly used for household lighting, you’ve probably got a house full of them. But they are slowly being replaced by halogen light bulbs which have a greater energy efficiency.  Right now, we still have incandescent bulbs in our outdoor Christmas lighting, candles and wreaths, but eventually will switch to the halogen flame shaped ones since they will last longer and will provide a brighter light.

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