Colorful Classrooms Invite Learning

Going to school is so much more fun than it was when I was a kid.  My kindergarten day consisted of playing with blocks, singing songs, drinking chocolate milk and napping.  I don’t even remember anything colorful unless it was the little rugs that we napped on.
Today’s teachers have so many choices in classroom decorations and items to make the rooms bright and inviting.  From classroom furniture to educational toys, a lot of work goes into building an environment in which children are inspired to learn.  Of course, classroom decorations, craft supplies and other school supplies are not always in a school’s budget, and teachers find themselves paying for many items out of their own pockets.  Is it fair to them….of course not.  But most teachers are dedicated to creating a classroom that motivates children and finding affordable classroom decorations and supplies is part of that dedication.
What child wouldn’t want to learn in a room with snowflake holiday decorations, turkeys, Christmas trees, Jack-o-lanterns, hearts or even various colors of autumn leaves on the walls.  Bright, colorful numbers and designs, sports oriented stickers, animals, signs, posters….the children LEARN, even if they don’t realize it.  My grandchildren’s teachers are wonderful, caring individuals, and feel that anything they can do to make learning fun…they WILL DO.  Adding color and shapes to their classroom decorations helps to make it so.

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