Comfortable Assisted Living

My husband’s parents are in their mid 80’s and although they are both in excellent health and physical condition (for their age), time is taking it’s toll.  They realize that their 2 story home is too big for just the two of them, and Mom dreads climbing the stairs to the 2nd level several times a day.   

They have visited several “senior citizen” apartment complexes and since they live in Ohio, their favorite is Copeland Oaks.  It is an assisted living Ohio retirement community designed for active seniors who seek an energetic, independent lifestyle.  Well, I don’t know exactly how energetic one would consider them to be, but they would certainly take advantage of the site wellness center, indoor pool, exercise classes and recreational programs. 
Mom used to play a lot of tennis and can still swing a pretty mean tennis racket.  Unfortunately, tennis has caused problems with her knees.  Dad’s favorite game is billiards and assisted living Ohio can accommodate him in their recreational area where he can take on some of the guys living there.    I wouldn’t call him a pool shark, but …….he's not exactly a guppy!
Research studies have shown that older adults who remain physically, mentally and socially active can significantly delay declines in physical and cognitive health…not only that, having them living where there are people close in case they need help would put our minds at ease.  It scares me to death picturing Mom climbing those stairs and Dad who still insists on mowing their lawn, being out in the hot summer sun.

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