Disney's Swan and Dolphin Resort Hotel

If you have never been to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, you are missing a wonderful experience.  And, should you want to enhance that experience even more, stay at Disney’s new Swan and Dolphin resort hotel, the greatest hotel in Orlando.  It’s all you’ve ever dreamed of in a hotel, and probably more. The rooms are beautiful and have all the amenities you will need or want.  

One of the most exciting “perks” you'll receive at this Orlando Resort is that each day, one of the four Disney Theme Parks will either open an hour earlier or stay open three hours after normal closing time.  This benefit is for Disney resort guests ONLY!!!  The lines for the most popular attractions are sooooo much shorter and the park is especially beautiful with the glowing evening lighting. Evening is much cooler and the pace is much slower...you can enjoy just strolling through the park, looking around without having to rush from ride to ride. 

Another advantage of staying at the Swan and Dolphin Resort Hotel is complimentary Disney transportation which is available only to Disney Resort guests.  If you are taking your family and have small children it’s very convenient to hop on the shuttle bus or Friendship launch and go back go the hotel whenever the kids start to get tired, cranky and are in need of a nap.  (Actually, after wandering around the acres and acres of Disney World, a nap would probably sound pretty good to older family members too).  In the late afternoon or evening go back to the attractions and fully enjoy the rides when everyone except for Disney Resort guests has left the park!  Then at closing time, board your shuttle or launch and be taken to your hotel for the night. Snuggle down into your King sized bed and wish that you will never have to leave!

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