No Place Like Home

My niece and husband are returning to their home state (Nebraska) after living for 20 years in Austin, TX.  Sue’s father passed away last fall and they decided that since both she and her husband are retired, they would sell their Austin home and move lock, stock and barrel back to their “roots”.
Both of them are heavy smokers….you know it as soon as you open the front door.  The home badly needed the help of a smoke and cigarette odor removal system.   

Actually, it needed a thorough all-through-the-house cleaning before it could be put on the market.  It’s funny, if you’re a smoker, you don’t notice the odor at all, on the other hand, they don’t notice that they, themselves have an cigarette smoke aura around them.  It’s in their clothes, hair and I swear it is ingrained in their skin.  When they would come to our home (non-smokers) for a visit, my kids would come home from school, walk in the door and say “Sue and Danny were here!”
Of course, when they got back to Nebraska, they found that Sue’s old home was in pretty bad shape….her dad was a widower and the house hadn’t seen a “woman’s touch” in many, many years.  They tried  “do-it-yourself carpet cleaning" but ended up having the carpet removed….do-it-yourself couldn't  do it.....3 dogs, food residue, miscellaneous gunk and cigarette smoke…bad combination.  She calls the house “the money pit”....they have spent sooo much money on it...they’d be better off to raze the whole place and rebuild.  But to Sue, it’s “home” and “be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home~”.

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Peter said...

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