Summertime = Back to School

If you live in the Midwest or northern states, summer is drawing to a close. But, if you are one of those lucky folks who live where the seasons seldom change you have sunny, warm weather nearly all the time.  We’re getting ready to dig through our closets for our boots, wet weather footwear and hoodies. 

However this is a great time to buy summer footwear.   Sandals, flip-flops and beach shoes are going on sale at nearly every store.  If you’re going to college, you’ll see lots of footwear, everything from cowboy boots to sandals to flip flops.  Guys, you can make out like a bandit with the deals at Aero Footwear.   Their flip flops for example are selling for half-price..$14.00 for a pair of twill stitch flip flops normally selling for $29.50.  And, they will last through this year and probably several more.  Even if you have to slosh through puddles after a morning rain, flip flops dry quickly and by the time your first class is over, your footwear will be as good as new.

The Twill Stitch Flip-Flop, is a warm-weather must-have. But, whatever college campus you’re heading for, you’ll see the student population (and sometimes the prof’s) wearing flip flops.  They’re versatile enough to wear with anything from denim to cargo shorts.  (and think of the  money you’ll save your parents by not having to buy SOCKS for a whole school year!!!)

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