The World

If you are one of the many commuters who spend hours per week either riding the subway, commuter train, or other means of public transportation, things can get pretty boring after a while.  Even car pooling for a hour or more with friends….there’s only so much you can talk about.  Looking out the window, seeing the same things day after day leaves you wondering what is going on with the rest of the world.
If you have a Facebook app or a laptop computer, the best way to keep track of the day’s happenings is with The World News.  The World News, an online news agency, brings  today’s news to you.  It gives you many options, Front Page, Local, Middle East, World, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Technology, Cars, Food, Style or Education.  Each one will give you up-to-date information about that subject.  If you’re a sports fan, you’ll know what’s happening with your favorite team.  Cars will show you the newest models, the ones with all the bells and whistles that you wish you could afford.
Of course, since you’re on your way to your job, you want to know how the business world is doing and what you can expect when you get to work.  Stocks up?  Down?  Today's price of oil?  The World News knows the answers…you may not like what the answers are, but the online newspaper will have them.   Or, you can take a break from the dreary news of the day, and click on Entertainment….who is getting married or possibly divorced, what the newest movies are and what actors and actress are in them.  For some people, this may be the highlight of their day.
But most people, myself included, will sit at home with their computer, click on The World News and just plain enjoy it.

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