Construction Estimating Software

Construction estimating software has been around for over 10 years but not everyone is aware of it.  Sure, big companies have knowledge of every way possible to locate the best information, new articles and how to keep up with the ins and outs of the building trade.  They have a room full of associates, clerks and secretaries to do the research on various services they need.  That’s why they are “big companies”, successful engineers or architect….they know how to search.
If you are a small building contractor just getting started, an engineer or architect fresh out of college, you may not know of the hundreds of articles available to you.  If  no one tells you, how are you supposed to find out?  You spend hours looking for dealers, companies, manufacturers hoping that you’ll find one who can help with everything you need or want to know.  Remember, time is money…the more time you spend looking, the less time you have to actually get a job done.
Construction estimating software has resources which are designed to help research, find or even buy the services and building products that are needed. You may need the basics, everything from general requirements and site construction to concrete, thermal protection, mechanical, electrical or special construction.  Whatever you need, you will find.

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