Dental and Medical Coverage

Many health insurance plans do not include a dental plan….ours doesn’t.  I am happy that my husband’s company at least has good medical coverage but needed to find a dental plan that we could afford. 
One that we are considering is the Ameriplan Dental Plus Package. It is not insurance but is a dental and medical discount plan.  Since there are just the two of us, the bare bones family plan is the one best suited to us. However, it covers anyone living in the same household….if we had children, they would be covered also.  We could save 25% - 65% on all restorative and cosmetic work (fillings, crowns, braces, etc.) and up to 80% on preventative work (teeth cleaning, x-rays, etc.) performed by a general dentist.
My brother's family does have the Ameriplan package.  It takes care of any dental bills they have. There is no age limit and anybody who is under the same permanent address is included. His father-in-law lives with them and they also have a son away at college and they are included in the family plan. In fact, from reading the brochure, I think that anyone living in the household, related or not, is included. 
If we didn’t have medical insurance from Ken’s company, we would really consider the Ameriplan Total Health medical plan which includes discounts on all medical (physician care, prescription, dental and vision care)  plus much more. 

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