Money Problems

Ever have a week where everything seems to go wrong?  The plumbing decides not to work and your toilet runs constantly…the car is making odd clanking noises….the refrigerator is nearly empty and you need to go grocery shopping.  But, payday is a week away.  Although having a paycheck is wonderful, being paid twice a month is a problem…by the time you get your paycheck, you are down to your last penny…rent, utilities, food and transportation have taken it all.  Your only option is getting a payday cash advance.  Yikes, it’s a scary thought but sometimes it’s the only thing left to do.
It’s really not as difficult as you may think. If you need cash right away, the Cash Store makes it easy to get a payday cash advance.  You bring in a recent paycheck stub or other proof of income, a statement from your checking account and a check from that account.  Plus, some sort of ID, driver’s license or state issued ID.  They look it over, ask a few questions and the process begins.
Of course there will be some paperwork to fill out.  But, if you need money NOW, you can apply and get the needed cash all in one day.  And, you will be given cash, not a check. 

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