The Pin Store

I’ll bet you never thought that you’d find a store that is devoted to PINS…well mostly pins anyway.  They will create a pin for anything, you tell them what you want, and they will make a pin for it.  Suppose that you are a first time grandparent and want family and friends to help you celebrate.  Send the company your information and they will make custom lapel pins designed especially for you.  Give them to everyone in your family. The pins will eventually turn into family heirlooms since no one would ever throw a darling baby pin away.

Awareness pins can show support for your preferred cause and add your logo for personalization. Many companies find that a special pin is an easy and effective way to recognize the importance of their employees.  A pin saying #1 Employee or Employees of the month would not be expensive and shows that your employer knows your worth.  Where would a company be without good employees and this is one way to show appreciation….other than an increase in salary which would also be a sign of appreciation.  

If you are planning an event, let’s say a big family reunion, special pins can keep the various families separated by ancestor.  All the Jones families would wear a blue lapel pin with JONES on it, the Smith gang from Nebraska would have red, the cousins from Iowa would have yellow and black, etc. 

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