Boots are Made for Walkin'

Nancy Sinatra once sang “These Boots were Made for Walking”  … that’s true, you do need to walk in them, but some boots are also made for comfort and most important of all, some boots are made for fashion. But how do you find a comfortable, colorful and fashionable boot if you need Wide Calf Boots?  Your general run-of-the-mill shoe store has racks and racks of boots in all sizes, large and small.  But the most important feature, the width of the calf isn’t taken into consideration.
I have large calves and finding a boot that both fits and doesn’t look like something a lumberjack would be comfortable in has always been a problem.  Cowboy boots….no chance, I’d get my toes in with no problem, but getting them past my calf was impossible.  Fashion boots…I had a much better choice for Wide Calf Boots in that area.  Most fashion boots generally have a zipper or laces….the laced ones work the best for me.  

I once had an unfortunate experience with a zippered boot that wouldn’t unzip…walking to work one yucky December day had caused snow and grit to get into the zipper teeth and I thought I’d be wearing them for the rest of my life.
My very favorite boot is the Tina Slouch Buckle Boot by Avenue, a Wide Calf Boot that looks great and so do I…big ole wide calves and all.

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