Come Cruise with Me

If you’ve never had the fun and excitement of taking a cruise you’ll probably think that I’m exaggerating.   Wrong!  we are old hands at cruising and have been taking cruises since our first cruise on our 25th wedding anniversary.  Things have changed .. the ships are much bigger and the amenities are so much greater.  We found that Carnival cruises are more than just vacations, its giving yourself fun that begins the minute you step on board.  Our last cruise was on the Valor, the newest Mega "Fun Ship" in the Carnival line.  And, it is Mega big.  It takes a day or so to acclimate yourself, but soon you’ll be walking around like one of the crew.
When you walk up the gangplank, crew members greet you like old friends.  They offer to take your photo….which if you do not want your picture taken after sitting on an airplane for 2 or more hours, you can gracefully decline.  Someone will be waiting to show you the way to your cabin, and tell you  that lunch is being served in the buffet area.  Carnival cruises have a wonderful buffet with practically everything you could care to eat…be brave, try something you’ve never had before.  Mexican, Chinese and American are predominant, but Swedish, Irish, French and several other ethnic foods are always offered and they are always good!
One of my favorite activities on  Carnival cruises is wandering down the "Boulevard" of Shops and Boutiques…there are usually 2 days of being “at sea” and this is a great time to see what the shops have to offer….jewelry, perfume, purses, clothing plus items to take back to friends.  Hint: prices are reduced the last days of the cruise....another reason why you’ll really enjoying cruising…I promise you!

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