Lint and Dust Can Cause Home Fires

Every once in a while you’ll read about a home destroyed due to the dryer vent or lint trap catching on fire.  I don’t know how this happens, perhaps a button on a pair of jeans gets really hot and the lint in the trip starts to smolder, gradually catching on fire.  Or someone forgot that they had a book of matches in their pants’ pocket and the heat caused it to ignite.  It must happen fairly often because one of the “cautions” on your dryer instructions is to “clean the lint trap frequently”.  You can clean the vent yourself, but the smarter thing to do would be to have the vent professionally cleaned by dryer vent cleaning austin.
We were told that SteamTeam of Austin is the best so you can have the air ducts and also your home's carpets done and suddenly, your whole house is clean and fresh.  Removing the build up of dirt, pet hair and other debris in your ductwork will make the air cleaner and increase heating and cooling efficiency thereby lowering energy costs.  Using state-of-art "source removal" equipment, they can thoroughly clean your home's ventilation system, cleaning each duct individually from the grill back to the main unit. Everyone in your family will benefit from breathing clean air free of contaminants that may be contributing to allergies as the air is continuously circulated through your system. 

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